“Learn From Autistics” Interview

Hello all! Thank you so much for your continued support and readership. I truly appreciate all of the emails, messages, comments, and support everyone has been sending my way.

thank you

I’m currently working on two separate blog posts simultaneously on 1) the good side of being hyper-empathetic and 2) the second Sensory Series post. I have also been asked to guest blog on another exciting blogger’s page, so that’s been in the works as well.

In other exciting news, “Learn From Autistics” had previously reached out to me about doing an interview with them as part of their on-going “Autism Interview” series. That came out on their site this morning!

Some of you have probably already seen the interview if you follow my Facebook page or Twitter, but others rely on blog posts to keep up with my writing, so I wanted to alert those people here!

The interview is titled “Autism Interview #67: Sara on Autistic Identity, Late-Diagnosis, and Socialization.” I was really impressed with the questions and learned a lot about myself when answering them.

“Learn From Autistics” is a really interesting site and blog and they have done a ton of fabulous interviews with Autistic people (I’m #67!), so I encourage you to stick around on their site and check out some other awesome contributors.

See you soon with another blog post!


AUTISM INTERVIEW #67:                                                                                                            SARA ON AUTISTIC IDENTITY, LATE-DIAGNOSIS, AND SOCIALIZATION




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